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  The masks are unisex, the size is adjustable, and all of the colors are customizable. Each mask is thermoformed by hand from transparent, opaque, and/or mirrored plexiglass.

Here are some of the masks out in the world!

The Blonds 2012 Spring Collection
Swirl Mask 1
Cat Mask 2
Mask 30
KISS Mask 1
KISS Mask 2
KISS Mask 3
KISS Mask 4
Blindfold 1
Blindfold 2
Blindfold 3
Cat Blindfold 1
Un-Blindfold 1
Un-Blindfold 2
Mask 5
Mask 8
Mask 11
Mask 12
Mask 13
Mask 14
Mask 17
Mask 18
Medusa Mask 19
Bunny Mask 1
Mask 20
Mask 26
Mask 27
Mask 29
Joker Mask 1
Mask 10